Google AdWords Beginners Course

£200 with a tutor
£100 studying by yourself

Course Structure

  • 10 online lessons

  • Each lesson is 1.5h long

  • Structure of the lesson: theory, practice, Q&A session  

  • Homework after each lesson which will allow you to practice on Google AdWords platform & to get confidence in using it

Course Content

  1. Placing ads in Google: how it works. Create an account in Google AdWords, set up your first campaign.

  2. Search network campaign settings: how to build ad group, how to create a keyword list which will work, how to write a good ad which will catch they eye of a customer.

  3. How to create Dynamic Search campaigns.

  4. Display network campaigns: main differences from Search campaigns. How to build an ad group, how to define your target audience & not to waste your budget, how to write a good ad.

  5. Gmail campaigns.

  6. Budgeting: how to come up with a right budget. How to optimise budget efficiently in order to get the results you want.

  7. Auction in Google AdWords & bidding strategies.

  8. Account optimisation: what to do once your campaigns are running.

  9. Remarketing: how to target customers who have visited your site before.

  10. Google AdWords Editor: how to work with Editor.

Course Details

  • Price per course is £200 to study with coach/ £100 to study by yourself

  • Email support throughout the course despite the tarif 

  • All course materials are available for participants for 4 weeks after completing the course



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