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First interview with an industry expert - Maria Agudo

Introducing to you Maria Agudo, who I was honoured to work with and to learn from during my days at the agency. Here is the link to Maria’s Linkedin page:

1. Q: What’s your name and where are you from

A: Maria Agudo - Madrid, Spain

2. Q: How long do you work in the industry?

A: More than 7 years

3. Q: What’s your speciality?

A: Paid Search

4. Q: Why do you like working in it/ what’s the most exciting thing about working in the industry?

A: Total control of your ads, easy to set up and that you obtain results fast

5. Q: What you don’t like about the industry?

A: When there is no room to innovate

6. Q: Do you work client side or in the agency and why?

A: Agency side

7. Q: What’s your job is about?

A: Supervising that all the campaigns are following best practices, optimisation, reporting and strategy moving forwards

8. Q: What are the challenges of your job?

A: Many new products to cover with little time to prepare

9. Q: Do you reckon there is a future at this profession?

A: There is definitely a future and demand is increasing

10. Q: What would you recommend to someone who is thinking to learn ppc/ just starting at ppc?

A: To also learn about other channels

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